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Restore Your Car with Our Full Car Detailing Service in Eastern Suburbs

Remember the day you bought your car?

Right from the moment you laid your eyes on it to the moment you sat inside and drove away, everything felt fresh, new and awesome. Remember how it shone from top to bottom without a blemish or a scar and how it smelled when you were inside.

And how does your car look now?

Turn your car to its original glory inside and outside with our full car detailing service in Melbourne.

Car detailing is as much an art as it is a skill. It calls for a professional touch from experts with experience, the right tools, the skills to get it right the first time and a passion for excellence. With our full car detailing service, we offer a variety of services including detailing treatments, cosmetic repair solutions and paint protection.

At Bumblebee Car Wash, we assure you of a professional car detailing service in Eastern Suburbs. We approach each job with total commitment and attention to every little detail.

Exterior Car Detailing

We begin the exterior car detailing job by meticulously washing the exterior using premium snow foam. We then begin to decontaminate the paintwork to remove all ingrained and residual dirt including bird droppings, petrol spills, pollution and water spots. This procedure will even remove all the wax build-up. We don’t just clean the parts you can see. We pay attention to the underside too. Next, we will buff and polish every inch of your car using specialised equipment to bring out the natural shine and restore the original colour while getting rid of any blemish and scratch. We pay special attention to restoring the light covers to make sure they look stunning while also performing at their best. Next, we will get on to applying a layer of wax treatment to make your car looking radiant and ensure the detailing work lasts longer. We then use specialised equipment to detail your car. We don’t compromise. We will get our hands dirty to ensure your vehicle is spotless.

Interior Car Detailing

As part of our full interior car detailing service in Croydon, we will meticulously clean and treat every aspect of your car’s interior. From leather seats and trim to the seats and carpets, we will deep clean everything. We will then move on to the dashboard, the trims, and console to meticulously clean and treat them for the utmost protection and sparkle.

Pamper Your Car Today

Once you get in touch for a quote, we will talk about your car and listen to your requirements. We will then recommend a suitable service based on the condition of your car.

We offer high quality detailing service to return your car to its original glory. We treat your car as our own to provide the highest standards of workmanship.

Get in touch with us today for more information or for a free, no-obligation quote.