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Cut and Polish Cars

We Cut and Polish Cars to Restore them to their Original Glory

Your car accumulates dirt and dust over time. If your car is exposed to sunlight regularly, the paint job may become dull. Rejuvenate your car’s exterior and breathe a fresh lease of life to its paintwork with our specialised cut and polish service.

At Bumblebee Car Wash, we cut and polish cars to remove all contaminants and apply a wax finish to protect the paint from fading and scratching. Our specialists can remove over 95% of the defects off your paintwork. This is an extremely important service as it ensures your car gets the protection it needs.

A car paint that’s cut and polished by our specialists will look glossy and shining just like it did when you bought your car.

What Does a Cut and Polish Job Entail?

Paint correction or cut and polish is a procedure where an extremely thin layer of clear coat is removed from your car before polishing your car to bring it back to its original glory. The cutting procedure flattens the surface of your car’s paintwork while removing all the scratches and swirls that would show through in direct sunlight.

At Bumblebee, we cut and polish cars through a two-step procedure. The first step is to remove the defects and the second step is to finish it using high quality wax polish.

We will prepare your car for the cut and polish procedure by giving it a thorough wash using our special shampoo. We then carry out a clay bar treatment that removes rail dust, oxidation, brake dust and industrial fallout.

We then buff the paint job using specialised cutting compounds to remove all light scratches and all kinds of swirls. We will use an aggressive cutting compound and a wool pad at super-high speeds on a powerful rotary polisher to efficiently remove the clear coat.

This procedure calls for experience, skill and expertise. In the wrong hands, this process can burn the car’s paint.

Experienced Cut and Polished Specialists

We take great pride in being able to cut and polish cars efficiently. All our technicians are experienced and undergo regular training to ensure we keep up with all the latest techniques and equipment available for the job.

We will be able to remove most kinds of swirl marks as well as minor scratches, stains, bird droppings, buffer marks and more. This way, we can ensure that your car’s paintwork looks even better than a new car.

Paint correction or machine polishing calls for an appropriate understanding of the entire process and the techniques involved. This expert understanding enables us to deliver stellar results every time.

When it comes to machine polishing, there’s no scope for error. It must be done right the very first time. That’s why we measure the depth of the paint job before beginning a cut and polish job. We make use of an electric gauge to precisely measure the depth of the paint on your car.

Our specialists will use specialised equipment to deliver fabulous results.

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