We provide a range of services from Standard Car Wash and Complete full detailing to make your car look brand new. We serve reputed car delaership in melbourne’s East from Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Jeep, to small Car Dealers in Ringwood City car Dealers.
Special Mobile Car Wash and Detialing Service to Businesses across Melbourne, Please call our friendly staff for Booking today.
Open all year except for X-mas day, boxing day, Good Friday and New Years Day.
We at BumbleBee Car Wash offer a Highest level of service with Wash and Detailing Aiming to keep your vehicle looking its absolute best.
Specialising in paint perfection. We have various buffing/polishing machines as well as different grades of buffing pads and cutting compounds to take care of scratch and swirl removal, oxidization, and general scuff marks you may get from car parks to achieve the best possible mirror finish for your car.
Interior detailing for all types of fabrics, vinyls and leather. Our steam cleaning machines are able to remove the most stubborn of stains.

Get cleaner and shinier cars today!
World-class service

Our wide range of services include standard car wash and complete car detailing to give a new look to your car. We serve renowned car dealerships in Melbourne dealing with different car brands such as Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Jeep, etc. as well as small dealers in Ringwood City.

We also provide exceptional mobile car wash & detailing service to large as well as small businesses across Melbourne. Our eager staff is ready to assist you. Contact us today!

Our business objective is to serve utmost value to our customers. for this reason, we operate all year round except for public holidays. We, at Bumblebee Car Wash, offers exceeded levels of service with an aim to enhance the look of your vehicle.

Our core specialty lies in paint perfection. We possess numerous different buffing/polishing machines alongside superior quality buffing pads and cutting compounds to take proper care of scratch and swirl remover, oxidization and general spots you may get from car parks to be able to achieve a mirror finish for your car. Our core services also include interior detailing catering to all types of fabrics, vinyl and leather. Our special steam cleaning machines are one of a kind and are able to get rid of the most stubborn stains.


Operating in Ringwood close to Eastlink, Eastland shopping center and Ringwood car city, Bumblebee car wash & detailing has become the most preferred choice of customers because of our highest quality and worthy location. We are located near a shopping center that allows our customers to give their car to us for wash & detailing and get entertained at the shopping center meanwhile.

Whether you are selling your car, giving it as a present or to simply just refresh the car, Bumblebee car wash & detailing is your go-to place with multiple of packages to choose from. Our services include paint-less dent removal, vinyl and leather repairs and small paint touch-ups. We also offer gift vouchers for special occasions.

We are experts at what we do. Call our friendly team today to inquire about different packages. Paint, vinyl, fabric and leather. We allow you to enjoy the same services that dealerships offer with a new car in a price much lesser than others. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.




If you are looking to refresh the looks of your car, you have landed at the right place. We offer car wash, deep cleansing, steering wheel alignment, exterior and interior cleaning, paint protection film, wax polishing, car underbody, brakes and car detailing. Contact us today to inquire about our varied services.